Thursday, August 25, 2016

Duck Avenger Launch

Well, it happened yesterday, and the first issue of Duck Avenger is now available for purchase, in stores and online. I'm still waiting for my copy to get here.

I'm getting that PK Giant variant of the cover.

Having not gotten to read it yet, I can't tell you how faithful of an adaption this is, though I already feel somewhat worried with some changes ordered by the higher-ups for whatever reason. In the meantime, you can look at this short preview, though as said, there's more to look at than to read.

So if you've got some extra cash on the side, why don't you show a little support? Shouldn't be hard to find methods of getting this. That shipping cost, though...

Here, have some fanservice by Claudio. Still waiting for that new PKNE he's involved in.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

"PKNA" gets an official English translation under the name "Duck Avenger"

But I guess a lot of you already knew that, huh? And here I was all excited to blow your minds with this piece of news. But in the case that there are some of you that don't know anything, I'm going to make a post about it out of obligation.

So in recent times, it looks like we have really stuck with the name "Duck Avenger".

Also looks like we won't be getting those awesome double spread covers, but at least we're halfway there. You also get some variant options, so I'll be content with that.

Here's some pages you would want to go to to get all the info... 

It's a good sign that the translator, Jonathan H. Gray, appears to be really into the project and pushed for it to come into fruition in the first place. I wish him the best of luck into doing the duck justice. I do hope we will also get those short bonus stories... But if anyone has any questions regarding the whole thing, you can go ask him on his Twitter.

Now then... I hope you all realize that I will have to start removing all those old translations as soon as the project gets fully going. And I do hope, as the fans that you are, that you will support this so that it can keep on going. Despite all the physical copies I own, I will totally be buying once it's released. Don't worry, I'm not pointing a gun at your head. I do realize that not everyone is financially stable.

Hopefully the popularity will increase by a high multiplier, and we could potentially have a properly sized fanbase. Here's to the future and all that is to come.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

PK vs DD - Timecrime

Time to end this celebration of 20 years of the Duck Avenger, many of those years in which the whole series was absent. And we'll celebrate that DoubleDuck comic too while we're at it, which hasn't been around for nearly as long.

Maybe it's a good idea to read up on that DD stuff while you can... there might be some things you won't get while reading this crossover. Now, you might tell me that you don't give a flying fuck, and well, yeah, fair point.

Welcome to "DD vs PK - Timecrime", where it becomes shocking to realize that PKNA and DoubleDuck take place in the same universe, and so the DoubleDuck persona in this timeline is still the Duck Avenger today, and the other Donald he teams up with is the Duck Avenger from the 90s. I thought they said all those references were just references.

PK vs DD - Timecrime

And now I will give my biggest thanks to world champion Meripihka for helping me translating all these stories that have come out lately to celebrate this here 20th anniversary. I write the translations, she sets them on fire and pulls out new translations that are a thousand times more accurate. Good teamwork.

More PKNE will come out in Autumn, so maybe I'll see you guys when that time comes, or I'll see you earlier than that with something else to post, I don't know. By the way, they're bringing back Xadhoom.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PK Tube - Episode 6 (Finale)

But it's not the finale to the 20th anniversary. Stay tuned for the upcoming crossover with the Duck Avenger and DoubleDuck, which will come out in one week in the weekly magazine, and then I'll take a year to translate it. See you all then!

Oh wait. I forgot to actually give you guys this spectacular finale to PK Tube.

Sorry, I realize that's very important and I am very hyped up about it.

PK Tube EP.6 - Forced Rescue

And now that all these stories are out, all these 60 pages worth of duck content, I can now have them come together in one single file that you can view if you have the right program for it, and down below here you can download it if you want all that space on your computer. Move aside some of those gigabytes of porn, you filthy dirty perverts.

PK Tube - Complete Deluxe Anniversary Limited Edition

Now I can go! I'll see you soon after "PK vs DD" comes out and is bashed by critics.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PK Tube Isn't Here Today, So Let's Talk News

Yeah, as I said a week ago, we have to wait an extra week. Phooey. But the newest edition of the Mickey Mouse magazine that features more Donald Duck has brought us some more info on what's in store for the ongoing 20th anniversary celebration.

Here, down below. Double page spread. Do you see what I see?

Yeah, you're gonna wanna open the image in a new tab for best possible look, but...

The Duck Avenger and DoubleDuck in the same panel? Lyla Lay and Kay K having a bit of a scuffle? It seems that I was wrong in thinking that PK Tube would be followed up by the next PK New Era saga... although it may all be in continuity...

I guess I wasn't being a crazy person when talking about a crossover that may or may not have been mentioned at some point since I didn't have the source. But here it's coming, and I'm not insane. Prepare for "PK vs DD - Timecrime". Do you read? You will.

Yeah, okay, that was rough, sorry.

Written by Francesco Arbitani and drawn by Paolo Mottura. That artist has done some pretty good work over the years. Let's see if they will deliver on this thing.

You may also see up there that they are re-releasing the first two PK New Era deluxe editions to celebrate even further. I find this acceptable. I was never able to get a hold of "Might and Power". My wallet's not weeping, I'll grab myself a copy to feel complete.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

PK Tube - Episode 5

The next 10 pages have arrived! This explains everything! Well, some things.

Penultimate PK Tube! Get it while the download link remains there for an eternity!

PK Tube EP.5 - (Sub)Routine Mission

Huh? What's that? The final short story won't be in the next Topolino magazine? It will instead be in the one that comes afterwards? I have to wait two weeks? What the f--

Thursday, March 31, 2016

PK Tube - Episode 4

It's time for the amazing adventures of Angus and Lyla.

And then there's a long-awaited reveal which you will probably not care that much about.

PK Tube EP.4 - Change in Program

Why would the title be anything but something related to the news?