Friday, October 24, 2014

The Strange Case of Dr. Mickyll and Mr. Hyde

Now granted, the name in this story is actually "Ratkyll", which is totally a change to something English for whatever purposes Bruno Enna had in mind, but I changed it for my own purposes regarding a certain line of dialogue, sooo...

Halloween is right around the corner, so I'm doing something themed to the season because I guess I somehow considered myself a popular bitch. Or the opposite.

I'm mostly doing this story for the eye candy in the form of gorgeous art. This here's the latest in a series of parodies of horror stories appearing in the magazine of Topolino, and well, as far as I know, there are only three so far; the other two being Dracula and Moby Dick. I was actually originally planning to do the very first one about the vampire, but there were too many changed names jokes that only worked in the Italian language and I just couldn't put my finger on all of it. And if you think the story about the latter one can't be considered to be horror, then you haven't seen the whale in that thing.

And there's a taste of the art in these stories. Beautiful. Maybe I'll get to those two in the future. For now, have this Jekyll and Hyde parody. And so I do my thing where I put an image of the cover down here and the download link under the title...

The Strange Case of Dr. Mickyll and Mr. Hyde

Happy fucking Halloween to come, people! May each and every one of us shit our pants on the blessed day. Read the comic and try your very best to enjoy because I took my time to do this and if you don't then you're hurting my poor sensitive feelings.

Oh, what's that over there? PK Giant? Cool, you're reprinting again? So what, are you only gonna make new stories once you've put all the issues of PKNA and PK2 in store? Is this magazine gonna be monthly then, because that would take quite some years to get through...

Am I overreacting?


  1. HOLY fuck, that whale...
    Also, I'm not sure what they're thinking with the Paperinik thing... it wasn't just a one-time thing, was it?

    1. With how successful the relaunch was, it's not the end of it.

      This here reprint seems to mainly be intended to introduce a new younger audience to the whole thing.

  2. Ah the lovely art! OH THE MOBY DICK ONE HAS BEEN THE LOVE OF MANY, it's one that Tumblr fans want translated the most.

    Hahaha, I was laughing at the PKNE note, and thought "Wouldn't it be funny if they made it ANNUAL updates?" And then the laughter slowly turned into crying.

    I read there would be a hopeful issue sometime in early January, but it may have been the Pk Giant (which is amusing now since they're bringing PKards, I think, for a few lucky people who do all the crazy requirements), which I wish would be published here in the states because they'd have all the PK Fan Mail which I want to read c:'

    But hey. Aren't they having a con soon, or did? I forget, and they were going to announce some things, like when the Extras would be published (such as some panels of what would have happened if Ducklair Tower did not explode?)

    In any case, which I hope is productive towards getting us more PKNE and fast (It's already confirmed they're going to continue), thanks for this update! Gotta love Bruno Enna, he's amazing! An Celoni for the lovely art, and Andolfo for coloring!

    1. I'm having faith we'll get new PK content early enough in the next year. I am indeed overreacting.

      The PK Giant thing looks like it will start in November, we'll see how everything will work from there, hopefully.

      Hmm. Guess delaying is one way to get me to do more Pikappa eventually. Eventually.

  3. Hi there!
    I've already seen what the authors of the 'Dracula' parody had done, so I was eager to see the newer work. It was really good! (they didn't make the 'Moby Dick' one, though, but the style is similar)
    If you don't mind, I have a translation that could work a bit if I did it in English. Doubt it, though, but I could give it a try.
    As for PK - I really hope PKNE isn't the last of the installment to the PKNA series. I wish they didn't keep the fans waiting.

    1. I had initially jumped on doing the Dracula one, but dear me, too many puns relating to the names of the original story and the Italian Disney character names. Hyde was way easier to work with in that aspect.

      Hey, if you got something cooking there, do give it a shot.

  4. Here's a trailer:



  5. Yo, go to this comment section. There's like new info on stuff.