Monday, November 3, 2014

DoubleDuck - Kick-off + Unknown

Let's start of this month of November. I'm sure it'll be rich with entertainment provided by yours truly. And seeing as we only seem to get a new PK story in March next year, I'll have plenty of time to finish up the rest of the DoubleDuck and tackle other things. Like continuing Pikappa. I haven't forgotten that exists.

We'll start with this story about yet another sports thing, soccer. And seeing as this all takes place in the United Kingdom, we're just gonna be referring to it as "football". As I'm sure most of you aren't even American, you should have no problem with it. Grab this irrelevant filler down below.

DoubleDuck - Kick-off

This next one has a cover which also features kicking a ball, though it has nothing to do with the story this time, but these two do go along well together. And it's about damn time that we saw Claudio perform his art on this secret agent universe and have Kay K walk around with a Lyla face. We are all very happy.

DoubleDuck - Unknown

There's my post, there are the comics, download and read them. Do it. Now let's see how much fun reprinting will be when PK Giant starts appearing on the shelves this month.


  1. Well, I certainly approve of more Kay K.

  2. Bit of a typo at the post's title: it says DounleDuck. Just saying.
    (Reposting in case the last one didn't get submitted.)

  3. There just something about Sciarone's style that makes everything ten times better.

    Where I usually dislike Kay K and how she is draw and the way she portrayed as this "amazing hot super smart mysterious super agent", mister Sciarrone just makes her look like an average agent whose relaxed, enjoys her job, and is not too showy.

    We can never go wrong with Sciarrone -- nor Barbucci. Wow, do we need more Barbucci.

    1. Dat adorable little kid flashback of her in one of the next stories, though...