Sunday, December 7, 2014

News on next PK story in Spring 2015

Now there's been news out there before about getting at least 2 new multi-part stories of the continuation of PKNA and PK2 which someone at Topolino referred to as "PK New Era" which I'm gonna keep calling it. But now there appears to be more info which I believe in because someone wrote it.

The next story that will be published in Topolino in the spring of 2015 (man that's still a while) will this time be written by classic Alessandro Sisti. Meaning that anything is possible in terms of quality narrative. As for the artist... Claudio Sciarrone.


The title of the story would appear to be "Gli Argenti del Tempo".

Now, even if you don't have much understand of the Italian language, you should at least be able to read that as "The Somethingsomethingsomething of Time". Looks like we're still gonna have some time travel adventures for the time being, and it goes without saying that the Raider will once again be part of the cast. And now to ignore a total idiot moment I had...

Also, it's said that we're finally going to see Lyla Lay again. Guess she's not dead. Going by when the final issue of the reboot was published, it's gonna be 10 years after she last appeared in a story of any kind. I'd still like to know where she fucked off to in PK2.

And now's the time to reveal a secret. I've actually known for quite a while that Claudio was gonna be drawing one of the upcoming ones. How did I know? Because he revealed that to me himself in a message exchange we had on Facebook.

The question now would be why I never told anyone... The answer to that is simple.

It's because Claudio said he'd kill me if I did.


Seeing as this information has now been put out into the open, there is absolutely no chance of me suffering consequences for making this post, right?



  1. As Italian speaker "Argenti del Tempo" sounds a wordplay on "Agenti"(Agents) and "Argento"(Silver). At least, without a context.

    Where the hell did you get "banks", "embankments" and "dykes" as possible translations?

    1. Huh, I don't know. I did like look up the dictionary for the word... "argini"... why the flying fuck did I look up that?

      This is one of the dumbest fucking moments I've had here. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. Just for stereotype shits and giggles, mister Sciarrone is most likely going to send the duck mafia after you, lol.

    WE HAVE TO WAIT 3 MONTHS?? Ugh, well its better than 10 years!

    Thanks for the news!