Monday, January 5, 2015

Pikappa #21 - Z Grade (+bonus)

Funny thing. After I was done translating all the DoubleDuck there was in this universe, a new story was published on the very last day of 2014. Funny. It's almost like I had this inner desire to be done with every story prior to the new year we were entering and someone behind the scenes decided to screw with me. Was it Marco himself because I criticized his boring art style? Does he lurk my insignificant blog?

Well, I'll leave that new story alone for a while, especially because there aren't even any scans on the internet yet. I'll also wait for more stories to pop up before I get back to it. Now for something I've been neglecting for quite a while: Pikappa! And once you read this "Grade Z" story, you'll understand while I wasn't motivated to keep going on.

Well, there are still some pretty good stories left in this reboot, so let's at least wade through this mediocre forgettable junk before we get to that. And by that, I fully expect you to go read it anyway seeing as I went through the trouble of inserting a familiar language into it. It was hard. I had to sit in front of a computer in my underwear wile stuffing Kickers potato chips into my face. It's only a thing over here, so barely any of you will get what I'm talking about.

Pikappa #21 - Grade Z

Additionally, I have done the short bonus story thing that followed with the bigger story. I'll jsut put it up as a separate download since that's the way it's been so far.

(#21) Unscheduled Program

Additionally, the scans for these pages were some of the worst I've had to work with. Did my best to make it look decent. Probably did more work there than the actual translation. You may notice as you read that I didn't out too much caring into it. Sorry.

Alright, bitches. Let's see if I can get the rest of this reboot done before the year is up.

Did have a pretty good Christmas, though. Got a pretty sweet gift from my good bud Claudio. Hope you guys too had some good last days of 2014.


  1. you could translate this:

  2. Aww you're not going to translate the latest DoubleDuck?

  3. Shit Banker, if you can, you seriously got to get your hands on these reprints, at least 2 & 3, the included Posters are just great for fanboys.

    Also that old Topolino issue with the PK 2015 Calendar, GOOD SHIT, MAN, GOOD SHIT.

    Looking forward to the rest of PK as well.

    Happy 2015 ;D

  4. For your information: Panini just announced a Dylan Dog( ) parody by Recchioni&Faraci, starting in March on "Topolino".

    With Goofy as Groucho.

  5. Hi there! Sorry for my poor English, 'cause I'm Italian and this is the English I studied at school.

    I want to say you about this interview to Francesco Artibani (the author of Potere e Potenza):
    Che says there'll be TWO stories with Pk in 2015. One will be from Sisti and Sciarrone, the other from him and Lorenzo Pastrovicchio.
    And... He's working on a crossover with Pk and DoubleDuck!

    1. Well, the artist for the second story this year is news. I guess they're gonna pull a PK2 and start off with going back and forth between Claudio and Lorenzo.

      I wouldn't care much for a crossover between Paperinik and DoubleDuck, as I imagine it would just be for the standard Topolino universe one.

    2. No... It will be a crossover between DoubleDuck and Paperinik, but Artibani says that there will be the extransformer shield (it's in the DD agency, as we can see in "DoubleDuck Olimpo Code", there's a burn extransformer shield in Gizmo's lab). I'm translating that for you.

      Interviewer: A day you'll explain us why there was the extransformer shield in Gizmo's lab (in DD Olimpo Code)?
      Artibani: I calculated alla andò sono you'll understand it. Here, yes, I created a personal continuity [he says that because before that the interviewer asked him what Artibani thought about Don Rosa, and he sayed that he doesn't like his continuity].
      Int: Then we're talking about a DD andò PK crossover?
      Art: It'll be a special operation, but I must not talk about.

  6. And... 'Cause I'm digitally subscribed to Topolino, I van give you the scans of the last ones.

    But I hope with IDW this site won't be helpful 'cause IDW will print Pk adventures. I hope...

    I'm discovering Pk with a new reprint vere in Italy (I'm just 13)... It's great!

    1. And... You haven't translated this Doubleduck stuff
      Maybe because noone is interested about "storie a bivi" (I really don't know how to say it in English)... Bit it's DD stuff, isn't it?

    2. I only really cover stuff that that is all in all a DoubleDuck story. Not if its just partially.

  7. Check this out: