Sunday, April 19, 2015

Colorless silent pages

A good user over at my unattended forum pointed me in this direction. Apparently there have been two pages of the new PK story out in the open for people to see. Which I have not seen people discuss anywhere else. I'm surpised this hasn't even been featured on the big news site, PK Hack. Well, I managed to find the preview on the internet, and here it is.

Even as unfinished pages, they're still marvelous to look at. Now I'm not gonna go give you a full translation of the text there, though there are a few details one can spot. For one, a proper exact release date for the first part of the story. THE 6TH OF MAY. Of course, given that I'll be taking some time afterwards to make it available for you foreigners, you are gonna be waiting longer than that. And it also looks like we're guaranteed to see more Angus Fangus. What would the world be without him?

That was a page with pages inside it. Here are the two pages within separated:

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